We ♥️ Animal Rescues!
October 2019

Pawsitively Elgin

…is now accepting applications from Southwestern Ontario Rescues to participate in our 2020 event as a Beneficiary!

What’s involved?

Be a Beneficiary

A PAWS Beneficiary is actively involved in some planning and a lot of promoting of our annual event. They also participate fully the day of the event. A maximum of 3 rescues are chosen each year to split the event’s **profits.

If Approved

Beneficiaries must:

  • understand that their contract is in place for 1 year term only and they can reapply each year
  • work with the PAWS Committee as needed/requested
  • agree to provide Pawsitively Elgin with the details as to what the beneficiary money received was used for – this information will be made public by Pawsitively Elgin in full transparency to its committee, exhibitors and event participants
Speak Up

Spread the Word

  • participate the day of the event by having an active “host” booth spotlighting their rescue
  • help provide reliable volunteers for the day of the event
  • continually advertise the event and their role in the event through Social Media and contact

All interested rescues are invited to complete the application and have the information to the PAWS Committee by December 31, 2019. Applications will be reviewed by the PAWS Committee in early 2020. A maximum of 3 rescues will be chosen.

**Profits = all money taken in (sponsors, donations, event and exhibitor fees, found quarters, etc.) less expenses (venue rental, first aid responders, rental equipment, and all the good stuff that makes up a great event) less (approximately) $500 carry over “seed” money for operating expenses (monthly bank fees, website/domain renewal, venue down payment, etc.)  leading up to the next year’s event.