We ♥️ Animal Rescues!

A Beneficiary of Pawsitively Elgin is actively involved in the planning committee and participates fully in the Pawsitively Elgin annual event. A maximum total of 3 Elgin County rescues are chosen each year to split the *profits from the event.

It's all about the PAWS!

Puppy Rocky - adopted through Helping Paws Rescue

In order to become a beneficiary of Pawsitively Elgin, a rescue must:

  • provide proof their rescues has an adoption application and process
  • provide a letter from their veterinarian office stating that they provide services for the rescue and those services include neutering and spaying
  • sign Beneficiary Commitment Form (contract) that they will abide by the policies of Pawsitively Eglin
  • understand that their contract is in place for 1 year only however they can reapply each year
  • participate as an active Committee Member (only 1 per rescue) by attending all meetings
  • participate in the event by having a “host” booth
  • help in providing volunteers for the day of the event
  • agree to provide a detailed list as to what the money the rescue received was used for – this information will be made public by Pawsitively Elgin in full transparency to its committee, vendors and event participants

*Profits = all money taken in (sponsors, donations, event and vendor fees, found quarters, etc.) less expenses (venue rental, first aid responders, rental equipment, and all the good stuff that makes up a great event) less (approximately) $500 carry over “seed” money for operating expenses (monthly bank fees, website/domain renewal, venue down payment, etc.)  leading up to the next year’s event.