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The Pawsitively Elgin (PAWS) Dog Festival is a 100% volunteer-driven organization.  We hold our one-day annual event at Pinafore Park in St. Thomas.  The festival was created to bring awareness to dog adoption and animal rescues, not just in Elgin County, but across Ontario and Canada.

PAWS is run by a Trust and all funds raised through the event are donated to the named beneficiaries for the event year.  Established in 2017 with our first event in July 2018, our event increased in size roughly by 25% the following year and after coming out of a 2-year pandemic, our attendance doubled from 2019.  This year we project at least a 50% increase in our overall numbers.

To date we have raised and distributed over $64,000, not only to our event beneficiaries, but also other Ontario Rescues during the pandemic to aid with their increasing costs in a time when fundraising wasn’t easily accomplished.

We want to make Pawsitively Elgin 2024 the best one yet, not only for our rescues, but for the community. It’s been a rough few years, and nothing brings people together more than a beautiful day, fresh air, friends and family, good food, browsing and shopping and lots and lots of dogs.

We look forward to spending a day in the park with you!