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We used to say,

“they’re breeding them faster than we can rescue them”

. . . and then the Pandemic hit. The situation happily changed during the lockdown months when pet adoptions boomed. Now as we come out the other side, the ‘Pandemic pet’ surrenders are overwhelming our local pet rescues and shelters.

What’s making the situation worse are the backyard “breeders” (puppy mills) who are now unable to sell the puppies for the exorbitant fees they were charging during COVID. They are surrendering their “stock” to local Rescues as it is no longer worth their time. Rescues are teaming up to take in 60 dogs at a time, which requires finding foster families, having each dog checked out by a veterinarian and then spaying/ neutering. After that it’s using all their resources to get each dog adopted into their forever home. It all takes time, a lot of loving volunteers and even more money.

This is where we come in, and we hope you will join us. By becoming a sponsor at the Pawsitively Elgin Dog Festival, your sponsorship fees along with all the profits made from the day’s event, go directly to two local animal rescues.

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