Hello!  Thanks for coming this far and please read all the words 🙂

This is not your typical scavenger hunt…this year we are playing a HUGE festival-wide FREE game of BINGO with our ATTENDEES and you, our vendors! We have never done this before but that’s not going to stop us!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1. At the front gate, each car will receive an ADOPT BINGO card with instructions along with a map of the festival

2. Their goal is to fill their card with stamps from our sponsors and vendors

3. Once completed they take their card to the Pawsitively Elgin Headquarters booth to enter into our GRAND PRIZE draw

We think this will not only be a lot of fun for the attendees, but also great for traffic to our sponsors and vendors’ sites.

Below is the instruction sheet they will receive and the ADOPT Bingo card is on the flip side.

Here’s the catch… as in all BINGO games, there are only 75 call numbers and we have 110 sponsors and vendors.


For those who wish to participate as one of our 75 BINGO call number holders, you need to complete and submit our form (it will date and timestamp your entry). The first 75 responses will get a call number card and a stamp on July 22nd.

Call Number example cards below (aren’t the cute?). 

These are 8.5 x 11 laminated cards. We also provide your stamp.


If you do not get a call number, you’re still going to have the same number of attendees coming to your site to ask if you have one, so why not offer them an opportunity to enter a draw for a prize or something equally fun at your site!


I will send out an email to all those who have responded, when I have 75 businesses. To be a call number holder, we must have your proof of insurance and site fee.

Good luck!!