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Pawsitively Elgin requires all of its exhibitors, sponsors, rescues, non-profits and young entrepreneurs to have insurance for the event - no exceptions.  A lot of companies already have event insurance, but for those that do not, it could be stopping them from joining us at the event.  We don’t want that!  But we also cannot be liable.  As an organization, we have to have our own insurance for the event, and rest assured, we are covered.


We’ve partnered with Duuo Insurance to offer Pawsitively Elgin Dog Festival vendors affordable short-term insurance coverage that meets our requirements. Single day coverage for only $14.46 (that’s including tax)!  Click here and get set-up in minutes!.

Stuart - didn’t believe in insurance until someone stole his tennis ball.

  • Why do you need Vendor Insurance? Vendor liability coverage protects you if a liability claim is filed against you in the event that you cause Bodily Injury or Property Damage to the event host or visitors to your booth/site during the time you are operating as a vendor.
  • What is a ‘Certificate of Insurance’ for vendors? A Certificate of Insurance is a document that provides evidence of active insurance coverage and the limits. These certificates help event organizers quickly confirm that a vendor is compliant with the event’s insurance requirements.
  • I don’t have insurance - what should I do?  We always suggest you start with your own insurance company and see what they can do for you.  You’re looking for liability insurance coverage with a minimum $2,000,000 limit during the period of the event - one day.  The policy will protect us and insure you against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings for money, damages, costs, penalties and losses and all liability which may be imposed by law for loss of life, personal injury, or damage to or loss of property arising from or in any way connected with your presence or operations at the Event.
  • My insurance company wants WAY too much to cover the day!  Now what?  We get this question a lot and it’s unfortunate.  But all is not lost!  We suggest you check out companies such as Duuo Canada.  They’re in Toronto  and their insurance products are exclusively underwritten by Co-operators General Insurance Company.
  • At Duuo Canada, you can get an online quote - you don’t even have to talk to a person!  How great is that?
  • Note:  We are not getting any “kickbacks” from Duuo Canada.  We partnered with them for the first time in 2022 and continue to do so, because they’re awesome!  They are super friendly, close and responsive.  And we want to show potential vendors and sponsors that there are options out there that won’t cost you a crazy amount.

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