What Animal Rescues Do

Rescue Animals

Animals are come to a rescue after being caught wandering the streets, taken from local (usually overcrowded) animal shelters or surrendered to the rescue by someone who can no longer take care of them.  Some animals are in extremely poor heath - physical and/or mental. Often animals come from puppy or kitten mills sometimes because the mill was raided and shut down, or the owners surrender older dogs when they are “finished” with them. Whatever the circumstances, our rescues take them in and start them on their way to healing and a brand new life.

Provide Vet Care/Spay and Neuter

Rescue animals are taken to the vet for a medical checkup.  Usually there is no medial history available so they are given their shots and any medical attention needed to put them on their path to a healthy life.  Sometimes operations are needed or special medications.  All animals leaving the rescue must be spayed or neutered.  All responsible pet owners know that veterinarian visits can be very expensive but they are necessary. Vet bills are where the majority of a rescue’s money is spent and why fundraising is so important to allow them to do what they do best.

Foster Homes

Not all animal rescues have room to house all their animals, so this is where foster homes come in.  There are awesome people in this world who take in animals and provide them a healing, happy and loving environment.  They help the animals socialize with people and other animals.  Often they have to house train them and help them with their manners.  Foster Fur Parents do all of this (free of charge) knowing that someday this pet will leave them…and they are okay with that.  They have nothing but the animals best interests at heart.

Adoption/Forever Home

When an animal is healthy enough to leave the rescue, an adoption procedure is followed.  Every rescue has their own way of doing this, but it basically boils down to an ad being placed online through the rescue’s website, Petfinder or social media with the animals details and pictures!  Interested people fill out an application to adopt and then are vetted by the rescue and accepted or denied.  This can be a very long process depending on the animals needs.  Having the right home is imperative for both animals and their new humans.